10 Tips For Making Your WiFi Broadband Faster

Slow fiber optic WiFi internet can be incredibly frustrating, except that it is important to know that your broadband service speed depends not only on the signed package for you and your Internet service provider (ISP), but for many other reasons. Also from Your internet connection may be slow to load. Sometimes to speed up the process of establishing your WiFi connection on a home network simply needs to fix minor issues or some simple changes. Sometime you need funny wifi names for your router to attract neighbor.

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It is worth noting that the speed of broadband service depends not only on the package and ISP, but there are many other factors that may need to be considered. So here are 10 tips to improve both speed and service.

Me. Have full control of other startup computer programs

Every time you start your PC, you should be able to identify and show which programs are already running. Without doing this, you may be surprised how many programs are automatically set and running when you start your computer or fiber connection. The two most frustrating culprits that completely slow down your fiber optic WiFi broadband are Java and iTunes. Therefore, the free registry cleaner program can be used to automatically analyze what happens when you connect to your fiber broadband or log into your PC. Programs will no longer start automatically.

ii. Regularly update antivirus and web browser software

Any expired antivirus software will stop updating its library. This means that your computer is susceptible to newly created spyware, trojans, malware and other malicious viruses. However, this can typically slow down fiber broadband and computers, and in some cases uses your allocated bandwidth to download or upload additional data.

To speed up your fiber optic wifi broadband, make sure your antivirus is completely secure. Also, keep in mind that an old, unregistered antivirus will consume your valuable bandwidth, as it will not manually remove it or try to update it in multiple circles until it is re-installed.

iii. Select the appropriate frequency and channel

The WiFi router has channels. Changing channels on a router can sometimes bring a major change. This is particularly noticeable in apartments with multiple interference of other WLN broadband signals. Other technologies such as microwaves and cordless phones can also affect WLN. Try Channel 11, 6 or 1. If they don’t work, go to 2 or 10. Pack and hunt until you realize that your wifi speed does not improve.

However, modern WiFi routers also send on different frequencies. Such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Simply put, with large buildings and multiple floors, 2.4 GHz is preferable, as the signal moves forward and penetrates easily through walls / partitions. Otherwise 5 GHz is the best approach for small houses or rooms as it provides faster speeds even in low range.

iv. Identify Your Maximum WiFi Broadband Speed

Before you worry about your broadband service issue, you should check the maximum internet speed assigned to your WiFi broadband package. For example, if you have significant broadband contracts with speeds of 8 Mbit / s, then hopefully fast internet is unrealistic. However, if you notice a big difference in your “real” and “up” speeds, the problem needs to be fixed.

To solve this you have to do; Reset the router, clear the web browser cache, and clear the DNS settings. These are safe steps to make WiFi broadband faster, troubleshoot and reset connections effectively.

V Set a unique password for your wifi router

Setting a unique password is important because everyone can access your allocated bandwidth, which can slowly slow down your WiFi Internet. Worse, unsecured or unsecured wireless networks are vulnerable to hackers who can access them or use their private networks to carry out illegal activity. So, always make sure that you use complex passwords, e.g. Use of lower and upper case letters and numerical letters, which cannot be estimated.

Buy V Network Extender.

It is cheaper than a new router. Network Extenders have the ability to amplify your WiFi broadband network signal, especially in the hard-to-reach corner of your home. Older routers can also be used as network extenders.

WiFi names

vii. Change your wifi broadband provider

Another tip to speed up your fiber optic WiFi broadband is to switch to another WiFi broadband provider which is likely to significantly improve your speed. Use a broadband comparison chart to determine which companies offer the fastest speeds in your area. Before doing so, talk to other customers, text them, send an email, and tweet that they used simple WiFi broadband. Going through their reviews also helps in identifying the best WiFi broadband provider.

viii. Keep your wifi router in perfect condition

And think of the high and central location. It can be a high shelf in the middle of the apartment / room. If your WLN router has an antenna and the signal is to penetrate the wall, position the antenna at a right angle so that it runs directly through the wall. Keep in mind that signals moving through walls at a certain angle can significantly slow down WiFi speeds.

It is also important to fully adapt your environment and it is necessary to know that room size, ceiling height and some construction materials can adversely affect WiFi speed. So make sure that your router is not close to thick walls, especially concrete or brick, and that water and windows are still WiFi’s biggest enemies. Other devices that can slow down your fiber optic WiFi broadband are pipes and plants, as both contain water.

I Neighbor’s wifi network

It is today the largest source of WiFi interference for a good number of people. The problem is that most current WiFi devices and devices operate in the dense and densely populated 2.4 GHz band. This means that if you use a 2.4 GHz router in a densely populated area, the WiFi networks of your neighbors will certainly affect WiFi broadband and may affect your wireless network range and performance.

Therefore, the permanent solution is to buy a dual-band router cable that works simultaneously with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This is because older 2.8 GHz router bands are required to support older WiFi devices. It is important to note that there are new WiFi devices such as Motorola Zoom and Apple Plus iPads, game consoles, commercial laptops and Internet-enabled TVs with tablets with integrated WiFi dual-band.

X. Buy a new router

The new router has the smartest and best technology that can send WiFi signals directly to devices. It is an alternative to random radiation of the signal in the room area. The new routers also give you multiple frequencies, fast speeds, and smart home technology to determine which of your millions of connected tools is preferred.

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